Brand Manager Job Description

Brand Manager Job Description Summary

Just as the name suggests, brand managers are charged with the responsibility of taking care of a company’s brand to ensure that a product not only creates a lasting impression, but that it also meets the needs of the target clients. An individual who fills this position is responsible for monitoring trends in the market as well as overseeing the various activities in marketing for the purposes of delivering the ideal service or product. A brand manager will work hand in hand with different departments to ensure that the end goal is achieved.

Responsibilities of the brand manager

  • The brand manager, sometimes referred to as the product manager, is tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the process of creating and developing a product(s). What this means is that they may work in house of be outsourced. In the in-house job, the client works within the company’s marketing department, while in the latter, the brand manager works for a particular brand or in a consultant firm so that they are able to attend to different clients. Regardless of this, the responsibilities remain largely the same. Below is a list of some of the tasks that a brand manager is expected to perform.
  • Carrying out adequate research to establish market needs, taking time to analyze market trends as well as pinpoint areas where there is potential for good returns upon investment. All this information is based on the needs of the target client as well as their spending capacity.
  • Check the prices of products and monitor the capacity of the same to bring in profits.
  • Creatively come up with unique brand names for both new and existing products. This may also incorporate providing new ideas in as far as the packaging of the same is concerned. In addition, the brand manager is also responsible for giving input to the look of the final product including the size, the colors, the fonts as well as the images present.
  • Ensure that product distribution goes on seamlessly, all the while monitoring customer reactions by way of market research techniques and various focus groups.
  • The coordination of product launches is the work of the brand manager, and he should extend this to both employees within the company as well as external clients.
  • Providing guidance in the management of adverts, on visual, audio and print media. This will also be extended to the social media campaigns, websites and email campaigns. In some cases, it is necessary to do a road show which the product manager ought to manage.

Skills required for the position of the brand manager

  • The incumbent ought to have an idea about futuristic products and be able to conceptualize them in order to come up with a unique brand.
  • The individual should also have excellent analytical skills as this will come in handy when studying current market trends.
  • The individual looking to take this position must also possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and oral.
  • The incumbent should have a good understanding of the products that he is marketing.

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