Call Center Job Description

Call Center Job Description Summary

The call center job may involve directly making or receiving calls or simply managing the call center. Whichever the case, the call agent has the responsibility of handling customers concerns as well as calling new customers to promote products. In other words, the call agent always strives to meet customers’ demands by answering all calls appropriately. They are employed in mail order companies, financial institutions, IT help lines and advisory services such legal firms. Bottom line, the call center employee serves customers by answering to their inquiries and resolving problems.

Primary Responsibilities of a Call Center Specialist

  • Obtaining client information by way of interviews and answering telephone calls
  • Determining eligibility by comparing client information to existing requirements
  • Contributing to the policy development  and informing the clients  about new policies whenever it is necessary
  • Maintaining and repairing (where possible) the communication equipment or reporting the problem to the technical department
  • Ensuring quality service delivery by following company’s standards and guidelines
  • Attending and actively participating in educational opportunities as directed
  • Always willing to take up other responsibilities as assigned
  • Resolving problems by researching and selecting the best answer or recommending the alternative solutions
  • The call center agent also sends the unresolved problems to the relevant department
  • Selling extra services after recognizing opportunities to up-sell accounts
  • Explaining new products and services to the customers
  • Maintaining and updating the call center database
  • Preparing and presenting reports to the supervisor or call center manager in line with the company policies
  • Training the new staff to improve service delivery the company

Academic Requirements

  • A minimum of a high school education is preferred
  • Some companies may require college diploma or tertiary training in public relation or marketing
  • Bachelor’s degrees in any discipline is an added advantage


  • No special experience is required
  • Past Experience as a call center representative in a busy company is an added advantage

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent customer care skills (i.e. always focused on the customer’s satisfaction)
  • Must be computer literate (i.e. proficient in basic computer and data entry skills)
  • Good teamwork skills and the ability to work under limited or no supervision
  • The ability to work quickly and remain calm under pressure
  • A professional attitude when dealing with customers
  • Should have a verbal communication, listening an phone skills (i.e. a clear and friendly telephone voice)
  • Should have ability to handle different people (i.e. posses interpersonal skills
  • Capable of reliably informing others
  • Should be keen and give a attention to detail
  • Must be able to multitask

Before one applies to work at as a call center representative, it is better that they know the two main types of call centers i.e. the Inbound and the Outbound Centers. The former receives calls from customers (e.g. requests, queries, complaints or orders) while the latter contacts prospective customers and clients to gather information or sell a product. There are cases where a call center can function as both an inbound and outbound center. However, the call center job description for both types requires the same experience, competence and basic academic qualifications.

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