Event Planner Job Description

Event Planner Job Description Summary

An event planner coordinates the aspects and details involved in hosting an occasion. Since they are dynamic and possess high levels of multitasking abilities, planners can arrange weddings, corporate banquets and other special meetings. On the other hand, event planners have strong organizational and interpersonal skills needed to coordinate convention personnel, clients and other staff to ensure success of meetings and conventions. It is one of the fast growing carriers that demand good education, experience and a set of skills. Event planners usually work in fundraising and social events, exhibitions and fairs; promotions and product launches, conferences and festivals.

Primary Responsibilities of an Event Planner Position

  • Coordinates and ensures success of events such as sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, business meetings, charity events, virtual events, weddings, birthdays, surprise parties, anniversaries and employee appreciation events
  • Formulates budgets and sees to it that they are adhered to
  • Hires entertainers such as disc jockeys,  musicians and bands
  • Chooses chefs or hires catering companies to ensure that food is prepared and served well during the event.
  • Picks the right food and designs the menus.
  • Pre-visit the venue to arrange the seating layouts and decorations
  • Creates a list of speakers and other participants
  • Ensures that event timelines and deadlines are met by monitoring and evaluating processes
  • Designs and edits promotional materials to publicize the event.
  • Makes presentations as direct by the even owners
  • Plans and implements fundraising activities
  • Negotiates and secures event space using the least resources
  • Designs, prints and sends event invitations following an invitee list
  • Hires temporary staff to manage the event (especially the security personnel)
  • In charge of communication during and before the event
  • Coordinates event logistics such as registration, attendee tracking as well as conducting the pre- and post-event evaluations
  • Keeps inventory of all material and equipment used during the event. Examples include projectors, backdrops, other display and computers

Academic Requirements

  • Should have bachelor’s degree
  • Degree in hospitality, business, communication or marketing is an preferred


  • A minimum of 2-4 years of work-related experience and knowledge
  • Must have hands-on training as a planner

Skills and Abilities

  • Should be a skilled communicator to help then talk to clients, listening to their needs and present ideas and solutions to their requirements.
  • Must have strong customer care skills since they work with suppliers, contractors, employees, wait staff and many other parties at the same time
  • Must be a people’s person and have interpersonal skills
  • Should be able to calm under pressure since event planning has timelines and deadline and lack of control can worsen things
  • Be a fast thinker and decision maker to handle urgent matters during planning and coordination
  • Must have basic computer skills to help in communicating, planning, budgeting and  other organizational processes
  • Must be a great negotiator to work out prices with clients and contractors
  • Must be highly organized and capable of multitasking to ensure the event goes off without hindrance
  • Must possess some problem-solving skills to correct issues before they become problems

Hiring an event planner should be a well-thought exercise since the success of an even entirely rests on them. Employers should therefore focus on hands-on experience above all things.

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