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Nanny Job Description Summary

The purpose of this job description is to outline the tasks to be done by the nanny, as well as list the responsibilities and the necessary qualifications. There are many uses for such a description, as is the case when one is looking for someone to fill the position. Ideally, the nanny is an individual whose specialty is working within the family home, performing chores as outlined by the employer. This will also incorporate taking care of the children.

What are some of the responsibilities of the nanny?

  • Ensure the creation of a safe external surrounding for the children so that they can be nurtured well.
  • Make meal plans well in advance to ensure that there is a systematic flow of tasks within the home.
  • Ensure that the children are supervised whenever they are within the home.
  • Make sure that the kids are dressed in time, especially when preparing for school or functions.
  • Bath the children and change diapers so that they remain dry and comfortable.
  • Carry out potty training sessions at the appropriate age.
  • Carry out house chores excellently, especially those that pertain to the care of the children. This means cleaning up the play area, washing the clothes as well as collecting toys.
  • Ensure that the children are well mannered by training them on social manners.
  • Have play sessions with the children.
  • Administer medication as and when it is required, all the while ensuring that the kids are comfortable.
  • Take the children for outdoor activities, as well as make time to read out loud for them. This not only creates a strong bond, it also ensures that the kids can respect the nanny.
  • Place the kids for their naps as well as at bedtime, preferably after creating a routine that will make these activities both predictable and stress-free.

What skills are required for the position of a nanny?

  • High school education is the minimum qualification for the post of a nanny.
  • Previous experience in caring for little children is desirable.
  • Knowledge in early childhood education (abbreviated ECD) is a preferred option.
  • Knowledge in first aid as well as infant CPR.
  • The ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • The incumbent must also have exceptional organizational skills as many of the tasks to be completed will call for a high degree of organization.
  • Reliability, honesty and trustworthy- it is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance of these traits.
  • A valid driving license is certainly a plus as it enables some flexibility.


As a specialist working within the home, the nanny ought to be a trustworthy companion to the family, and especially to the children. This is for the simple reason that the nanny gets to spend a lot of time with the children. There are two options when it comes to selecting a nanny, one could either have a live-out nanny who only comes during the day, or settle for one who is present all through (a fulltime nanny). The choice of either of this is dependent on the home owner.

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