Physical Therapy Job Description

Physical Therapy Job Description Summary

A physical therapist, the title given to someone who takes up the job of physical therapy, is a professional who is tasked with helping individuals with physical conditions gain control of movement in the affected regions. This not only improves mobility, it also helps to ease the pain. In cases where a patient is very sick, a physical therapist could help prevent disability by way of administrating this form of therapy medically.  A physical therapist will sometimes be referred to as a PT, and plays a fundamental role in helping people with physical injuries recover quickly.

What are the responsibilities of a physical therapist?

  • Physical therapist expert carry out an assessment of the patient’s condition, and interpret the results obtained so that it is possible to determine what needs are at hand. Once this is done, the PT will then come up with a physical therapy treatment plan by liaising with the consulting physicians or by way of the prescriptions provided.
  • Assist a patient complete their treatment plan with the help of various devices. Through these manual exercises, the PT is able to guide and encourage the patients to accomplish the set goals of the plan. There are also non manual exercises that aid in day-to-day activities, and they involve the use of devices like crutches and prostheses.
  • The PT is also required to oversee the administration of massages, sometimes with the help of topical medicine. This may also be incorporated with the use of moist/ice packs, hydrotherapy tanks as well as warm baths.
  • Carry out an evaluation to study the effects of the physical therapy treatment, and therefore determine whether there is need to recommend the fitting of prosthetics. This may be done before it is followed up by modifications of the same.
  • The PT will, in consultation with the attending physician, determine the discharge plan for a patient depending on their progress. In some cases, the PT will link up with other health professionals to determine the best way forward.
  • Keep a record of the patient’s progress by documenting the changes through out the patient’s stay at the facility.
  • Ensure patience confidence by maintaining private information as confidential.
  • See to it that equipment in the physical therapy department is functional. This will involve keeping a record of malfunctions and calling when service is due.
  • A  physical therapy expert make an assurance of continuity of the therapy plan once the patient has been discharged. This means designing exercise programs which the patient can perform while at work.

What are the skills required for the position of a physical therapist?

  • The incumbent must have proper knowledge of physiological health as this will form the very foundation of this career.
  • The physical therapy expert must also be legally compliant to have his/her practice recognized, and the concerned body may differ from country to another.
  • The individual to take up this job must also be loyal in that they must be able to keep patient information private and confidential.
  • A physical therapy expert must have the ability to work within tight schedules also means that the incumbent must have a flexible plan if they are to make the most of this career.

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