Sales Representative Job Description

Job Summary of a Sales Representative

A sales representative is often referred to as the company’s ambassador owing to the nature of their job. They are not only tasked with ensuring maximum sales of goods and or services but also to maintain the customers. They are charged with personally contacting the customers (in their assigned market segment), finding new ones and thus expanding the company’s sales. Other duties range from monitoring and evaluation to carrying out market research.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Promote products and or services well as secure new orders by forging a relationship with prospective customers
  • Show clearly, to potential customers, how products and services they promote are beneficial and give reasons why they should buy
  • Extensively research who the prospective customers are as well as find ways of maintain the existing ones
  • Come up with easy to use quotations for the customers
  • Find ways of quickly resolving customers concerns
  • Call both existing and prospective customers regularly to inform them of new products and deals
  • Come up with workable sales plans to maximize returns in there market segment
  • Conduct market research to ascertain the value of existing customers vis-a-vis the prospective ones.
  • Update the Sales manager of the market conditions in reference to factors such as advertising trends and what the competitors are up to
  • Avail (orally and in written form), future marketing plan, trending product in the market or region to understand what the customers need
  • Take part in trade fairs and seminars

Academic Requirements

  • Degree in Sales and marketing is an added advantage
  • Diploma in Business Management or vocational training as a professional salesperson


  • Must have previous experience as sales person, especially retail sales
  • At least one year of computer and internet knowledge

Skills and Abilities

  • Exceptional ability to multitask
  • Must be fluent communicator with excellent follow-up knowledge
  • Should be dynamic, thorough and well organized]
  • Should be physically strong as the job might entail long working hours
  • Must be friendly and good at forging relationships
  • Must be confident and self-driven i.e. one who requires little or no supervision
  • Visible aptitude for solving problems within the shortest time possible
  • Must be persistent and persuasive to ensure more sales
  • Should be result oriented i.e. always focused on widening the customer base and providing the customers with what the need when they need it
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft office application packages to facilitate creation of customer databases, development and presentation  of sales and market trend reports
  • Willingness to work under authority and ability to work with others i.e. has a team spirit
  • The ability to amass knowledge about various products and services within the shortest time possible.

Since the position involves identifying potential customer leads and later making sales, the choice of a candidate should major on experience and personality. Experience will ensure they make the right move while personality will come in handy during the exceptional sales. Except for firms that offer training, potential sales representatives must satisfy the minimum academic qualification(s). Such qualifications will enable the selected candidate(s) to prepare strategies needed to maximize sales.

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