Sales Representative Job Description

Sales Representative Job Description Job Summary

The sales representative will be tasked with the duty of serving clients by presenting the company’s brand in the best way possible as well as by meeting the needs of the target clientele.

Responsibilities of the sales representative

  • The sales representative will get orders from different clients and will be responsible for servicing the accounts of the respective clients. If need be, the sales representative will also create new accounts. This is done in addition to schedule planning on a daily basis in order to establish outlets with potential as far as the business is concerned.
  • The sales representative will study the trade patterns of different outlets so as to establish the ideal content as well as carry out adjustments of the same.
  • It is also the duty of the sales representative to study the volume of traders within a given location so as to channel sales efforts to such.
  • The management will get information about the market place from the sales representative in form of regular reports, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This will often be extended to analysis of annual reports to determine prevalent trends as well as establish whether any growth has been experienced.
  • The sales representative will keep track of competitive brands as far as products, cost and promotional techniques are concerned. This is crucial because any business knows the importance of understanding what their competition is doing, and how to beat that.
  • The sales representative will make recommendations on the suitable changes to be implemented in line with their findings. The changes will usually be on three distinct levels- on the product level, on the service level as well as on the policy level.
  • The sales representative will seek to solve client problems whenever they arise through enquiring the source of the problem, looking for viable solutions as well as suggesting recommendations that will improve the rapport with the concerned clients.
  • It is paramount that the sales representative maintains a professional outlook as well as expands their knowledge by attending workshops that target individuals in the sales and marketing field as well as carrying out a review of professional journals. This will also encompass the establishment of wider circle networks during which it is possible to get much needed  contacts.

Skills required for the position of a sales representative

The incumbent will need to have excellent customer services as well as the ability to form strong interpersonal relationships with different clients. Consequently, they must also possess closing skills as this becomes crucial when there is need to close a deal. In line with closing a deal, the sales representative will also negotiate with clients as they make their presentations on the chosen brands. For this reason, the sales representative ought to have adequate product knowledge. Presentation skills are mandatory to a successful career as a sales representative as these skills help one to reach out to prospective clients in a comfortable manner. Motivation for sales is an indispensable part of this job.


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